From Manifesto to Mass Movement 

It's 2021 - the world needs artists, purpose driven entrepreneurs & creative thinkers more than ever... You're important and you have a role to play.


This manifesto to movement machine helps you to gain clarity on your purpose by starting with why you do what you do - and we teach you how to turn your why into a movement - so you can attract the perfect audiences and repulse the rest. 



We go into the 3 elements present in all successful movements - and the journey all audiences take in connecting to new opportunities.

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Dan Edelstyn is a filmmaker and co-director of Bank Job and Power with artist and filmmaker Hilary Powell. Hilary teaches regularly at Royal College of Art and Dan guests there occasionally. 


This short course is the result of the research and action they have carried out in building Bank Job - a feature documentary and art project in which they took over and old bank, printed out a form of artist currency, sold it and then blew up £1.2m of high interest debt.


The story is deeply provocative and has been a testing ground for the theories advanced in the workshop. Bank Job plays a part in an important movement - and has been covered everywhere from New York Times to the Guardian, Big Issue and Financial Times. It represents the embodiment of the principles in this short course. 


We're running the workshop twice so you can choose which day is best for you (or attend both)


Option 1: 10 March 2021, 11-12.30pm (GMT)

Option 2:  12 March 2021,  11-12.30pm (GMT)


Can't make it to the live workshop? 


Life-time replay access  included in your ticket




  1. Philosophy & psychology - looking at the life and work of Victor Frankl - and his key idea that as human beings our primary goal in life is to find a purpose - and that each of us has a totally unique meaning to our lives - which shifts as we go along.. so our manifesto must grow and shift too.. a new manifesto for every season of our lives.
  2. A very brief history of manifestos - from their use as tools in English revolutionary movements to the communist manifesto, right through to their adoption in 20th century artWe will give you various templates with missing words for you to fill out / so we create manifestos together.
  3. The three psychological musts - storytelling elements that go into all movement building including:
  • The attractive character: dramatic backstory - what makes you uniquely qualified to deliver this manifesto?
  • A Future based cause: where can people put their hopes? What result are you offering?
  • A new opportunity: all causes that meet with success offer their followers a new opportunity that breaks with the past. What is yours?
  • The five rules for leading an online community:
  • Polarity - have an opinion, be honest, speak your mind, don't try and please everyone.
  • Maintain certainty - no one follows people who are uncertain of where they're going.
  • Don't be boring - if you have a manifesto you must live it.
  • Be strong - accept that standing up means you'll have detractors.
  • Be persuasive - the black magic of words & actions that turn strangers into believers.


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