JOIN THE BANK JOB. Let's make sure it's not a return to business as usual

Would you like to join us and help make history?  

We stand at a hugely important time. The politicians have shown us that money can be created to solve our urgent needs - and that when necessary we can come together and look after one another. But as soon as this crisis ends, it could be back to business as usual. And even as it unfolds millions across Britain are suffering, falling between the cracks that  welfare provision has failed to reach.


This is your chance to become a part of our movement taking direct action towards a multi-billion pound UK debt write off and pushing to regulate UK banks.

It's time to bail out the 98% who are affected not only by coronavirus but 12 years of austerity. Time to repurpose the finance industry to tackle the major issues we now face.


Join the community! Get involved. Let's work together. 

Hoe Street Central Bank of Ideas


    What began 5 years ago hearing about Strike Debt in the USA writing off millions of medical debt, led to the opening of Hoe Street Central Bank, London.


    Here in 2018/19 we gave ourselves the power of central banks, bringing a community together to print money as art, the proceeds of which were distributed between 4 local causes (food bank, homeless kitchen, primary school and youth project) and the purchase and cancellation of £1.2m of local high interest debt. 


    Now as we hunker down to complete the feature film and book of Bank Job, Covid 19 is transforming the economic system on a daily basis. TINA (there is no alternative) is destroyed. We want to make sure that the alternative that comes is one of equity for people and planet.




    if you choose paid membership options then, in the same model as our first bank notes, joining the Bank Job contributes to: 


    1.  IMMEDIATE MUTUAL AID  in this crisis.  50% of proceeds go to the four local causes. Eat or Heat Foodbank, Pl84U Al-Suffa, Barn Croft Primary School, Project Zero (formerly The Soul Project ). 
    2. FUELLING THE BANK JOB and its argument for debt write off as a reset button for building a fairer economic system. 
    • Through the film and book reaching out to audiences across the globe. 
    • Through a relay of debt write-offs. (We're currently applying for our financial conduct authority license - and hope to work with communities across the country on similar debt write-offs to keep pressure and media awareness high).




    WATCH AND READ INTERVIEWS  with some of the UK's top economists and thinkers on debt. Including:


    Martin Wolf Chief economics correspondent the Financial Times


    Johnna Montgomerie, author of 'Should We Abolish Household Debt.'


     SEE BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE  from the Bank Job .


    VIEW WORK IN PROGRESS  as we plot the way ahead.


    Listen and watch the HOPE & ACTION  pod/vodcasts.